Studio Sunday Cosplay- Burlesque Flareon


An absolutely stunning gijinka cosplay done by the very talented Kasey V. Hailing from Oregon, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her more than a few times, and getting to know this spunky and creative cosplayer. Working with a myriad of photographers for this project, she mentioned two in particular that left her with the most stunning pictures. JP Lumansoc and Vincent Milum Jr. helped bring her creation to these amazing photos, to be seen below. Each one highlights this amazing girl in a different and beautiful way, and represents gijinka cosplays at their best. Let’s face it, the amount of creativity in this is something that there should be more of in this world.

I highly recommend following Kasey, particularly her instagram abhorrentabsol. It’s a wonderful way to see the beginning and end of everything she does!

Burlesque Flareon



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