QuinnGray Visits Los Santos


It might be raining in San Andreas, but a little bit of rain never hurt anybody and it certainly won’t stop anyone as adventurous as QuinnGray from grabbing her controller and heading outside to cause some mayhem. Yes, the cutie is back exploring the crazy and explosive world of GTA V as she looks for things to do. Her own look combines a dark, satanic looking T-shirt with an adorable pair of kitty ears attached to her headphones. A unique combination that the beauty seems to have no trouble at all pulling off as she grabs her gun in the game and runs off to complete some missions.

Will those missions involve robbing a bank or racing to the finish line in a sports car? No matter the activity, QuinnGray is sure to make it exciting and fun to watch!

<QuinnGray Visits Los Santos

QuinnGray Visits Los Santos

QuinnGray Visits Los Santos

Singer | Makeup Chick | Cat Lover #cornbreadfed


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