Bewitching Bishamon Cosplay

In the previous months, her cosplay of Love Live’s beloved ballerina, Eri , sure started a buzz among Love Live fans on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Now, the talented Shanghai-based cosplayer, Niguang has again, astounded fans with her beautiful portrayal of Noragami’s bewitching deity, Vaisravana or better known as Bishamon.

Seeing Bishamon portrayed by Niguang makes me appreciate the character even more. I just love how dynamic some of the photos are and how fluid they made it look. Watching Noragami, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Bishamon. Why? Because at first you never really know her real motive whether or not she’s one of the good guys or if she is there to wreak havoc. In the world of Noragami, she is the fearsome goddess of war. Bishamon is first presented to be brutal towards the protagonist, Yato, and is bent on destroying everything that Yato holds dear as an act of vengeance. Later she turns out to be this tough but kind person and eventually forms an alliance with Yato.

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