The Promised Never Land : Recap: Episode 1


If you would like to watch something good, The Promised Never Land should be on the top of your list!

Originally a manga, The Promised Never Land brings a Shinsekai Yori feel but at the same time, has its originality. Confined in an orphanage (called the “House”) surrounded by low fences which seem useless, Emma, Norman, Ray and all the kids practically grew up together since birth and treats each other like siblings.

From time to time, the kids are adopted one by one but none of them seem to send them letters. One day, when Conny (the youngest) was “adopted”, Emma saw the stuffed bunny that Conny loves so much so she and Norman tried to catch up with them and give the toy to her personally. they did not expect to see the real reason why they were kept inside and were not allowed to go beyond the fences.


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