Darling Stoick and Valka How To Train Your Dragon Cosplay by Dudus Arrrt and Sophie’s Cosplay Guild


Hiccup’s parents have a very poetic romantic history. Spending almost two decades apart, they reunite and find themselves still as enamored of one another as they were before fate (and dragons) separated them. The tragic appeal of Stoick and Valka paves the way for great cosplays like this one by Dudus Arrrt and Sophie’s Cosplay Guild, which appeared at London Comic Con in 2015. Photographer Cleanpig’s Hideout did a great job with capturing the love between these characters, and the costumes are very impressive. I’d like to know how Dudus Arrrt got the “breast” hat, since that doesn’t seem like it’d be easy to find.


Have some Stalka on your dash today 😀

I mentioned before that I will participate in the EuroCosplay Finals but I have more good news for the HTTYD fans coming to MCM London Comic Con in October 2015.

My lovely Valka will come with me to support her nervous hubby 😀

So you have a fairly good chance to meet us (if you want) on Sunday (Friday and Saturday are reserved for the competition) in London

Valka: Sophie’s Cosplay Guild

Stoick: Dudus Arrrt

Photo: Cleanpig’s Hideout


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