Chun-Li by Angela Bermudez Cosplay


Here comes one powerful girl from the Street Fighter 4!

Yes, this is Chun-Li revived by cute Angela Bermudez Cosplay who did a great job with this alternate costume!

“The funny part of this Cosplay is that I made it in a one day rush, I was invited to the Capcom ProTour so I chose this version of Chun-Li; simple, elegant, nice for the occasion.”

It is more than nice. Just perfect! Nice job, Angela.

You look cute, but powerful at the same time. Strong, capable and pretty, just like her.

Love this set.

Also, you have such a strong but sweet face so you are perfect for the role of adorable Chun-Li.

And your legs… really well shaped.

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Photos were taken by Andres Herrera Photography.


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