Antidreamgirl Is A Stunning Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! A day like this brings out plenty of leprechauns for us to admire and possibly even follow around. Well, following Antidreamgirl to her room didn’t lead me to a pot of gold, but it did take me to a show that can only be considered the greatest of treasures as Antidreamgirl played some fun trivia games with her fans. The cutie had found THE most perfect outfit to become the sexiest leprechaun I have ever seen. The long jacket, the cute top underneath and even that little hat she had on top of her head all came together to create one delightfully green and eye-catching look perfect for this day.

Antidreamgirl’s outfit reminds me a little bit of the Lucky Charm’s mascot. That is a perfect comparison to make, because Antidreamgirl is one of the most charming hosts out there and I feel lucky to have seen her online. The best way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day is to look at stunningly beautiful and stylish models such as this one.

Antidreamgirl Is A Stunning Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun

Antidreamgirl Is A Stunning Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun

Antidreamgirl Is A Stunning Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun

Body Type:Slim/Petite
Weight:115 pounds
Height:69 inches
Sexual Preference:Straight
Smoke:Non Smoker
Occupation/Major:Professional Patient, housebound by chronic illness
Favorite Food:I have a major sweet tooth. There’s nothing I enjoy more than fresh fruit.
Pets:My beautiful kitty, an unofficial emotional support companion animal
About Me:You can just call me Ellie. I’d love to tell you that I’ll be the girl of your dreams, that I’ll fulfill your every fantasy then give you a coy warning that you’ll fall for me if you’re not careful, but that would be a big load of bull. I ain’t here just to please you and take my cut. I want to be up front about it. If you’re horny and looking for porn, you’re in the wrong place, please respect the fact that I need to go at my own pace and move along to one of the many more able-bodied and less shy hotties. I sincerely do not want to waste anyone’s time or tokens. If you’re lonely and looking for company, vulnerability; maybe even intimacy, however, I might just be your gal. Connection was my superpower, back in the day. For now I am just trying to get comfortable with the site and immerse myself in its community; to see if theres a place for me here. I really don’t know what to expect. Wide appeal is out of the question but I feel theres a chance someone out here might take a liking to me and want to help me out or be my friend. Is there anyone out there who’d enjoy [inevitably] winning at virtual chess against me? (I am epically bad at chess but trying to get better.) Watching me paint a figurine? I wonder if there will be enough/any interest in chatting with me and getting to know me despite my situation…. Yes I’m a little hesitant to take off my clothes but there’s something bigger. There are limitations to how/how often I can appear on camera. I’m unlike most of the other models in a pretty significant, totally unsexy way. I was excited to find a girl on here who appears to have the same shower chair as me. My enthusiasm waned when I realized that she likely only got hers to use as a prop in videos of her masturbating, though. I own mine because I need it to be able to bathe regularly. Hot, right? I have a debilitating neuroimmune/neuromuscular disease that makes doing just about anything difficult for me, including standing for any extended period of time. It’s called myalgic encephalomyelitis if you want to look it up. Anyone can get it. It actually has nothing to do with the stuff I went through in my formative years. Just a cruel coincidence. I’ve been sick like this since I was 21. I look the same but everything else has changed. I deal with near constant fatigue and discomfort and I end up in pain when I don’t take it easy enough. I spend the majority of my time resting in bed (usually in relatively high spirits, all things considered) except for a few light activities spread throughout the day. I also can’t think as clearly as your average person (without an acquired brain injury). Witty banter may not even be in the cards. Like, the other day I forgot the word for mug. You know, those like, sturdy cup thingies for hot chocolate or like, other hot stuff, whatever that’s called… On especially bad days, the cognitive impairment caused by my illness is so severe that I have trouble with even basic communication. Symptoms fluctuate. There are the odd good days, too; days when I’d be walking around the house, smiling, maybe humming to myself, and any onlooker would swear I was perfectly normal; days I might win a scrabble match or cook a real meal or attempt to use my creativity to make something beautiful. They are few and far between, but those are the days I would most like to share with you. My profile is a work in progress, because getting photos that might take an able bodied person an afternoon/ single shoot to get takes a ton of planning and waiting out symptoms for me. (Please excuse the hideousness of my formatting… It looked a hell of a lot better in the word doc but the spacing didn’t carry over. At some point I’ll go in and fix it.) I’ve been getting lonesome being all cooped up in the house and I was hoping to scratch that socializing itch. I recently read an article that inspired me to test the waters here and see what I can get out of it. So, if you were asking yourself “what is this mildly abrasive, overly wordy, 7 at best, prudish disabled girl doing on a site like this?” there you have it. I miss being out in the world and crossing paths with others. I miss getting all gussied up and feeling pretty. I haven’t decided if Im going to pursue camming any further. It will all depend on how the first weeks go. You deserve to know that, in all honesty, I don’t have much to offer. I want people to know what they’re getting into when they enter a chat room with me, and I don’t really want to talk to a whole bunch of people to whom my only appeal is the novelty of a new face. That would be a waste on both ends. Everything I do I put my whole heart into. I intend to build lasting relationships with a small number of ‘supporters’ rather than ‘fans’. Wow. You did it. You read to the bottom. You made it through all the filters so far. Seriously, good for you. If, knowing all that, you still want to see more of me, gimme some positive reinforcement! I don’t necessarily mean in a financial way. Reach out to me. Tell me about yourself. Connect with me. I know what its like to want to support someone but not have much concrete to give, and I’m not going to reject anyone who doesn’t tip extra or buy me something, especially since you already made it through that painfully long stream of conscious style ‘about me’. (this is assuming I don’t get an overwhelming flood of messages, but somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem..) Let’s be friends?


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