Yarroween’s Elmo Loves You!


It’s time to meet the spooky, furry, red version of the Muppet monster we all know and love known as Elmo, brought to life by the lovely Yarroween. This Sesame Street darling is one of our favorites growing up and this is one cosplay that’s all dolled up and even more spooked up. The gal has gone for a full costume with the furry, red bottoms and a top to match but most notable and recognizable is the mask of his face that sits on her head with those huge eyes bulging out for some attention. Get your spooks in as well because her room is full of cobwebs, skeletons and Halloween decorations to your heart’s content.

Get yourself some monster magic with Yarroween in this Sesame Street recreation!

Yarroween's Elmo Loves You!

Yarroween's Elmo Loves You!

Yarroween's Elmo Loves You!

Booty Shaker, unicorn, & drawing machine. Found on MFC. (( Amazon Wishlist: http://bit.ly/1wae6wo )) Vids on ManyVids + AmateurPorn + MFCshare


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