Super Sonico Wedding Ver. Cosplay


With Super Sonico’s popularity, there is no way cosplayers can stay away from cosplaying her. Here’s a bridal Sonico cosplay from Crazy Fei Fei (pseudonym).

For Super Sonico’s 10th anniversary, Nitroplus, the brand that this mascot is representing, released a music video that teases the character’s marriage. The fans have watched her in all her busy life, from being Marine Biology student at Musasaka University, to being a gravure model, to working as the charming waitress at her grandmother’s restaurant, to turning into a guitarist and vocalist at a famed band. Seriously what can’t this brand mascot do? I’ve thought of a lot of other talents but get married never crossed my mind.

But, even with the marriage tease, this doesn’t mean the end of Sonico in the limelight, because “wifeable” material characters bring in such huge income for the anime industry, the company is merely capitalizing on this new official costume or storyline release. In fact she may not even be marrying just another character, she seems to have gone ahead and married, you, her fans!

Cosplayer: Crazy-妃妃
Photo: 开心d啦_表弟


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