Getting Close and Personal With St. Louis

Here’s a rather daring cosplay of Azur Lane’s shipgirl, St. Louis by Atsuki. I personally don’t know about the obsession between anthropomorphized objects in anime/games, but they seem to be popular. Whether it be anthropomorphized guns, or swords, or ships, they seem to be making it big in the markets.

With the rise of Japan’s popular “ship girls” called Kantai Collection, it wasn’t a surprise that China would be releasing its version named Azur Lane on mobile. With the English servers being introduced in 2018 for both iOS and Android, this naval warfare game may very well beat Kantai Collection’s popularity, and even gaining more if not as much popularity as Kantai Collection in Japan. The game had over 5 million registered users within 4 months after game’s release. Japanese players have even praised Azur Lane’s prompt informativeness about the game content and the new features they incorporated to Azur Lane based on the difficulties and problems players had in Kantai Collection. ( #shotsfired?)

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