Lana_Rain Presents Her Neptune Cosplay


We all know and love Neptune from HyperdimensionNeptunia, and tonight Lana_Rain shows us how she has something in common with this cutie – they’re both goddesses. Her bright blue wig, her kitten ears and baseball cap and basically her entire get-up are all part of a beautiful take on Neptune, and Lana_Rain makes it look freakin’ awesome!

Lana_Rain‘s beauty is uncontested, but her cosplay abilities even more so, and every following cosplay is somehow better than the last. Check her out tonight on Chaturbate and be impressed, because what this lady is doing is truly impressive!

Lana_Rain Presents Her Neptune Cosplay
Lana_Rain Presents Her Neptune Cosplay

Real Name: lana
Birth Date: Nov. 2, 1995
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Women
Location: chomp island
Language(s): English
Body Decorations: None


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