Sonya Blade fantasy comes to VR


VR Cosplay X is new to me and I love them. I remember my first VR headset as a kid. We put small discs inside of it and clicked the lever down to see tv shows like Happy Days or Woody Wood Pecker come to life or visit places like Mt Rushmore. Gone are the ViewMasters of our youth and enter a whole new world of phone ‘plug-in-play’ VR and this is where VR Cosplay X comes in.

I received this assignment whilst in my Vegas hotel for Comic Con. The file almost killed the hotel wifi, so be careful if you are downloading or streaming VR anywhere but your home. You will need some gear to view this properly and I spared no expense for mine. Scrounging up every last cent I had after being fleeced on the casino floor, I went over to the local BestBuy and bought the biggest, baddest device I could afford—this piece of off-brand Insignia cardboard for $1.43. That’s right. I bought a VR headset in Vegas for cheaper than an any size drink at McDonald’s with tax. With the necessary tech in hand (no pun), I was off to explore the world of Mortal Kombat gone very sexy.

VR Cosplay X’s show starts with you as Johnny Cage. Your fighting days are over, but your wife, Sonya Blade, is off to another mission. Sonya is played by Selvaggia Babe. I have to tell you, she makes the perfect Sonya for this VR fantasy. I love how engaging she is with the camera. We’ve all seen porn where the woman just isn’t into it but we can forgive her as long as the scene is hot. Well, VR is a lot more intimate and if the actors aren’t drawing you into the world, then you’ve got nothing but a piece of $1.43 cardboard on your face to match your wholesale disappointment. Selvaggia Babe knows this and she draws you in instantly.

The scene progresses like a normal short clip would. We tease, we tantalize, we suck, insert tab A into slot B, C, and (sometimes) D, then pop goes the weasel. Okay, so I learned about sex from a pop-up book but you get the point. The scenes build up and every shift works. It was a weird experience to hold a piece of cardboard to my head—with both hands, dammit!—-and watch something for this long. The quality was just that good and as a reviewer, I would be remiss of my duties if I didn’t thoroughly and I mean thoroughly explore every angle, nook, and cranny of this VR set.

When Sonya mounts Johnny, your mind plays a great trick on you. Without any touching externally, the internal sensors are lighting up like a Christmas tree. The angles work great here. Whoever shot this scene really knew how the viewer would most likely be positioned whilst watching and ran with it. The more aligned with the viewer’s body positions, the stronger the effect of the VR. You couple this with the acting and just over all ‘into this’ that Selvaggia Babe produces in each moment and you have yourself a heck of a roller coaster ride. A ride that was worth repeating, for the record.

If you are into VR then this video is a no-brainer. Selvaggia Babe is a great actress for VR and knows (or is directed beautifully) every angle—and I mean Every Angle. The story line works well because it is probably a fantasy anyone who grew up playing Mortal Kombat had at one (or multiple) time/s in their life. Who wouldn’t want to imagining themselves with Sonya Blade? She’s such a. badass—it’s like Cynthia Rothrock dropped by to take you on a special mission.

If you are just starting into the world of VR, then this is a great choice, too. Listen, I replayed this video until my phone started on fire (Okay, so it was a Samsung and those things have ‘fire mode’ as a listed sleep feature). Even in my $1.43 off brand Insignia cardboard box from BestBuy, this video played great and the experience was well worth the price of the video. In fact, this video made me want to upgrade to a ‘big boy’ VR device.

If you are fan of VR, Mortal Kombat, or just something new and cool, then you have to check out the list of videos from VR Cosplay X. They have a ton of high quality content that is fresh and, quite frankly, will set every nerve fibre on full alert. You haven’t experienced ‘alone time’ until you’ve experienced it with high octane ‘literally’ in your face, live in front of your steamy filthy little eyes VR wonderland that is VR Cosplay X. Hotel tip not included, so make sure you are somewhere you can let yourself explore the wonders of technology before partaking on the trip.

Until then, may all your dreams be of electric sheep (or at least of Sonya Blades showing you her fatality face).


Sonya takes her job seriously, Cage. She’s got assignments coming in on a daily basis and she constantly risks her life keeping the world safe, often with little to no thanks. Obviously, with a job like that, Sonya is a tomcat in the sack, but she’s basically married to her work which is a damn shame because that ever-wet pussy of hers needs filling. After the 4th time getting cockblocked by her needy commander, you decide to take a stand. The Black Dragon gang can wait until tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to fuck this blonde stunner until neither of you can take it anymore, let her finish you, Cage.

Selvaggia Babe

Age: 23
Measurements: 32B-26-37
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 121 lbs
Aka: Erytheia
Country: Russia
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Selvaggia Babe also known as Erytheia, has finally made it to VRCosplayX after a long ass trip from Russia. This twenty-three-year old blonde has been in the industry for about three years now and she’s been killing it since day one. Within her first months in the industry, this hardcore blonde slut had shot fisting, gang bang, and a ton of anal scenes. She says that one of the main reasons that she got into the industry was because she couldn’t find enough people IRL to run a train on her and she thought porn would be the best way to explore herself sexually. We can’t argue with that, and neither could Tina Kay when she was double fisting Selvaggia in one of her early scenes. With deep hazel eyes, silky long hair and a beautiful face, Selvaggia’s smile and charm will have you hypnotized within seconds. If that’s not enough for you, just take a look at her expertly sculpted natural body. Selvaggia hasn’t tainted her smooth ivory skin with any ink or metal, a refreshing sight to see in a world of tribal tattoos, gauges, and lip rings. Selvaggia is equipt with a pair of perky little B cup tits and a bouncy ass that essentially draws dicks near with the attraction of a neodymium magnet. That’s not her only trick though, she can also make cocks disappear down her throat in seconds, she could be the opening act for a pair of sword swallowers on the Vegas Strip. Russia is generally known for being cold, but this girl is hot as fuck, especially as Mortal Kombat’s Sonya. Grab your headset and immerse yourself in one of VRCosplay’s sexiest scenes to date and give this risqué Russian exactly what she wants.


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