Face it, Tiger… Cubbixoxo Is An Irresistible Cosplayer


It’s Monday and you have the chance to… Whoa! I just saw the most amazing thing ever! Cubbixoxo, the busty goddess with a lovely personality and a taste for showing you only the sexiest of teases is online right now, and she’s doing a cosplay that will make your mouth water, your knees weaken and your heart flutter like crazy when you see her sexy ensemble, because she has decided to dress up as none other than the gorgeous girl next door, Mary Jane Watson, from Spider-Man.

Join in on the fun, and don’t waste any time getting here, because if you do, you might miss something incredibly alluring, and if that happens, well, that would really be an unforgivable sin, as Cubbixoxo is bringing her A game tonight with all the sensual stuff that’s happening in her room.

My name is Cubbi and yes its actually cubbi..I live in STL with my kitten named Hannibal lectar and bearded dragons named Maleficent and Bellatrix.

I am a huge nerd and love video games as well as anything horror and spooky!


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