Meownderful Hanayo and Rin Cosplay


What’s better than a catgirl? Two catgirls. What’s better than two catgirls? A catgirl grabbing another catgirls breasts. ‘Nuf said. Here’s a cosplay of Love Live’s Hanayo and Rin by Chinese cosplayers, 紫璃樣(Zǐ Lí Yàng) and 第五个麽 (Dì Wǔ Gè Mó).

Fanservice is pretty common in games and in anime, so it’s not at all surprising to see cosplayers giving a bit of fanservice to their followers. If you’re new to the concept of fanservice, it simply refers to giving the fans what they want or “exactly what they want” and in most cases, because of the demand from the Japanese audience, anime fanservice is more evident in the form of something a little if not totally sexual. For example, scantily-clad outfits, cleavage shots, panty shots, and even shower scenes. Why? Because it’s Japan. Go figure. It’s probably better to leave it at that. But if you insist on pondering, do so while taking a look at the cosplay below. Enjoy!


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