Adorable Bunny Airi Totoki

Have you seen any bunnies around lately? I have. But it wasn’t the kind of tiny, fluffy, bunny I was expecting. It’s cosplayer, Eika, in her Airi Totoki cosplay.

Airi Totoki is a character from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. As obvious as it is from the title, she is what you call a Japanese “idol”. An all around performer who is expected to be able to sing, dance, model, and act. So of course, it wouldn’t be such a surprise to see her in different costumes and outfits.

Looking back when I first started getting into Japanese anime, I’ve always wondered about fan service and bunny girls which seemed to have become a norm when it comes to anime and fan service. Doing more reading into it, apparently, the bunny girl costumes originated from a bunny suit uniform for waitresses in a chain of nightclubs run by Playboy Enterprises. Who knew it had so much history? It goes to show art imitates life and the Japanese anime industry proves it.

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