She Is Lovely. She Is Sexy. She Is HappyEndings_!


I love, LOVE a sexy lady wearing a Batman shirt, especially when the logo looks like the one from the Tim Burton Batman movies, and even more so when it’s being worn by a beauty like HappyEndings_, who also shows you she’s only wearing this t-shirt, panties and black thigh-high stockings that’ll make your dark knight rise in a jiffy.

HappyEndings_ is a lovely blonde with a magnetic smile and eyes that look deep, thoughtful and beautiful. Admire her beauty on this Monday show while she lip syncs her way into your heart, dances a little and bites on her fingernails lightly, which is one of the sexiest and cutest things a woman can do, in my opinion.

Hello ! My name is Sarra , I’m 23 years old.February 8th is my birthday probably thats why I consider 8 is my lucky number ,13 as well.


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