How Snugmas Stole Your Heart With Her Samus Cosplay


Snugmas is a beautiful redhead who has a sexy presence, a lovely smile and a naughty style that’ll enamor you like no other, and once she gets into the specific parts of the show that have things getting extra-steamy, she’ll make you feel like you went back to summertime again with all the hotness.

She is cosplaying as Samus too, and this costume is a thing to thank the heavens for, as it is colorful and tight, with details that make it look metallic and shiny. Even if it’s a costume, the way that it hugs her body while she models it for you makes it look at times like she is simply in body paint, which is something that enhances the sexy look for this playful cosplay with this dreamy cutie.

Science loving insomniac, romantic goofball and captain of shenanigans


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