I can hear the song of the wind


Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi’s 5th episode is titled : I can hear the song of the wind. From the title itself, you’ll guess that the episode has something to do with the wind.

Remember that girl who keeps on appearing on the earlier episodes of this season? Her name is Michiru and her story will be told on this episode which is related to the story of the boy who is going to be sent to hell.

Satoshi Kazama’s “friends” died in a car accident and when their family came to visit the wake, they were not allowed to get in or offer any prayer. Then I thought, well, what could this family have done to be treated that way? I also thought they were not so rich because instead of really preparing dinner, they only ate instant noodles OR they were just too depressed to prepare and eat anything.

So what happened?

On a family outing, the 3 boys of their neighbor insisted to join Satosha Kazama’s family because their car was small. The boys were actually bullying Satosha and refused to listen to his parents. They refused to wear the seat belts and even went out of the window! When Satosha’s father told them to get inside, one of the boys threw a can of soda at him and fell on the brakes. This, of course, triggered the accident because the brakes will not work with the can of soda stopping from behind. All three hard headed boys died a miserable death.

Michiru lived around early 1900s where her father was brave to stand up against a foolish landlord to have their homes finally connected to electricity. The landlord’s family were not so thrilled about it and so is their spoiled son. Their son tried to push Michiru to the pond to drown her but she was able to escape and instead he was drowned with his comrades.

This event fueled the landlord’s hatred to Michiru’s family and they had her kidnapped and trapped inside a warehouse that the landlord owns. She was not found for 10 days. Her parents finally found her but the townsfolk killed her father and burned them to death. This reminded me of what happened to Enma Ai — or was only known as Ai back then — where the people tried to kill her and bury her. Up to this date, for me, nothing can surpass the creepiness of that haunting scene.


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