SilkSpider shows off her Pikachu hat…and more


SilkSpider is hanging out in her Pikachu hat today, with her matching yellow thin tank top and adorable glasses. As she lounges in her computer chair I can’t help but wonder where her hands are going when they are off camera, and as when I see the reflections of the screen in her glasses I can’t help but imagine what she might be watching…I really enjoy a girl who isn’t afraid to show her geeky side, and according toSilkSpider’s profile she has plenty of geeky desires. If you are lucky you might catch on Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends, but the only way to find out her gamertag is to head over to her room…

I’m weird. Gamer Girl in process. Dance & Yoga. Costumes, Roll Player, piercings & tattoo. Ask for Snapchat and League of Legends ID (Only LAN) 🙂


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