KVLT Steps into the Deep Dark Woods


KVLT from GodsGirls goes dark in this outdoor Witch in The Woods series. Fans of the Blair Witch Project would probably drool over her portrayal here as a dark occultist, and will have her in mind every time they watch the movie.

Her dark hair, tattooed skin and black make-up stand out in contrast to the natural outdoor background. Her black sorcerers robe leaves much to imagination, casting a spell of intrigue and curiosity for all that come across her, either on the internet or a during a walk in the deep dark woods.

Username: KVLT

Age: 23

Gender: Fluid

Sexy orientation: Bi/Pansexual

Occupation: Snake Queen

Location: Otogakure

Hometown: Tatooine

Sign: Taurus

Superhero power: Ability to communicate with animals

Education: B.A in English-Writing. Minor in Cultural Anthropology

Ethnicity: White

Birthday: May 15


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