Leyla Traverses Time and Space in a Manner Most Sexy


For the anime crowd with a taste for time travel, Steins;Gate is the thing for you. Whether you’re talking the video game, the novel or the show, it’s a legit sci-fi thriller with a quirky twist. Its story follows Rintaro Okabe and his friends, who accidentally discover a method of time travel by which they send text messages to the past which, in turn, changes the present.

It’s a trip.

Here we have Leyla of Cosplay Erotica doing her send up of Suzuha Amane, the future daughter of one of Rintaro’s friends and a true time traveler. Without question, the way she’s rocking those bike shorts is sure to bend time and space.

Suzuha Amane from Steins;Gate, later known as Suzu Hashida in Alpha world line, is a part-time employee for Yuugo Tennouji, the landlord of Rintaro’s flat and is on a search for her father in Akihabara. She is in fact a time traveler from 2036.


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