VoxQuixotic is a Chill Alt Girl


VoxQuixotic is just the cutest alt girl you could hope for. She has the most vibrant red and blue hair, cute glasses, and she is wearing probably the coolest Zelda shirt I have ever seen.

Her room is really relaxed and she just gives off all around good vibes. Whether she is chatting it up with her fans, listening to some music, or just taking a few hits off her vape rig, just everything about her room feels so mellow. It’s the kind of atmosphere I really like.

I don’t take myself too seriously, so I don’t expect anyone else to. That said, my single biggest rule is don’t be a dick and I won’t have to be a bitch. I love to laugh way too much, even over stupid things. I’m legally blind without my glasses, don’t ask me to take them off without a tip. Tip Me Wishlist Twitter
Tags: Nerd, Small boobs, Fetish Friendly, Kink Friendly, Masochist, Silly, Glasses, Tip Vibe, Smooth Banana, Long Legs, Shaved, Talkative, Colored Hair, Dominant, Music, Open


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