The Order Is Definitely Not A Rabbit


Whoa! Is the order a rabbit? Or a Chino Kafuu in a school swimsuit, in knee high socks, and all tied up with a rope?! Cosplayer, Raku, should have put a trigger warning for arising fetishes that may get set off when otakus see her risque cosplay of the innocent and meek Chino from
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka.

But, whoops, wait, before you say anything, I have two things that I want to point out,
1. She’s legal.
2. You’re welcome.

Raku‘s cosplay is sure to get a lot of attention for not only her but the anime as well. To those who have already seen this, I bet this already had people checking out the anime already. If you plan to do the same because you’re expecting to see something like this straight out of a doujin cosplay, you’re going to get disappointed. You’re not gonna see any of this in the anime.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka (Is the Order a Rabbit) is a light-hearted slice of life anime with cute girls(and one talking rabbit) who do normal everyday cute things. Literally, seriously, and all honest normal. I kid you not. If you’re into adorable loli girls working as cafe attendants, then this anime is for you. Go check it out.


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