Goldengoddess is a Real Life Anime Girl


GoldenGoddess looks like she was ripped straight from an anime. She has bright blue hair and contacts in that make her eyes look huge. The cute feminine look that makes all anime girls look so cute really fits the performer.

It seems today that “fake geek girls,” are a dime a dozen on the internet. But, GoldenGoddess is no such thing. She has large cutouts all around her room such as Link, two Batmans, and a Joker. But she also has the ink to prove her fandom, with a Batman tattoo on her arm. Luckily for us, she has no problem with letting it all hang out as she discusses all over her fandom tendencies in her room. She’s a girl that has the knowledge to talk comics or video games with even the most hardcore fans.


The names Sammy, ! I’m a full time camgirl and dork. I’m a total zelda fanatic and batman freak. Most of my time is spent watching cartoons and horror movies. Any questions, dont be shy! All are welcome here : )

HEIGHT: 5’0″


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