Stormy Kat Cat


The ever-alluring Kat is going by Stormy now. You may know her as PumpkinSpice or KatsumiChann or KhaleesiKat, but a rose by any other name would still have a badass attitude and look incredible with her own unique style. I have seriously not been on MFC for enough time lately. Stormy has a new name and her kitty cat kitten has gotten so big and her hair (Stormy’s, not the cat’s) is this gorgeous silver blue gray color now. Of course, she wears it well. Looks like she will be up for a lot of the night and it is free today to register a profile and go hang out with her live during her stream.

Name: Kat/Stormy
Age: 20
Birthday: July 31st
Turn ons: Money, Intelligence, Passion, Hopeless romantics, Creativity
Turn offs: Rudeness, Judgemental people, Hardcore drugs
What I like to do for fun: I love to play League of Legends, dance, and create art with my body
Passions: Expressive dancing, Expressive art, Music, Modeling
What to know about me: I joined MFC when i was 18 years old, I started from nothing and gained everything, I created a fanbase of people who appreciate me for being me, I am someone who is open, kind hearted, and hated. I am judged for everything I do, And harassed for it, mainly because I dont sugar coat my feelings. I am growing, I am strong, and I will continue to be successful because of this. Working hard is something I am known for.
Rules: Do not post anyones personal information in my chatroom, do not promote your work in my chatroom (model or member)
Do not be racist, sexist, sensitive, or a jackass.

Things to not do in my room that will get you flipped off and cussed out: Mention my weight (I am naturally small and try everything in my power to gain weight and is a sensitive subject to me BEWARE)
Any rumors you see online: I come online to have a good time, chances are what youre seeing about me is total bullshit created by my dumb ass stalkers
Other models: I don’t give a shit what you think about other models. My chat is about me, you’re there to make me feel wanted and special. If i choose to talk about another model in a positive way then you are more than welcome to join, but if not please don’t promote

Doing any of these things could get you banned, so don’t try it

If I kick you from my room because you are not talking, and you come back and still don’t talk it will get you banned.

If you have any further questions please don’t be afraid to ask, Love kat <3


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