LunaLamb Is Your Pokemon Mistress


If your goal in life is 2.B.A. Master, LunaLamb is the girl for you. She’d probably be a gym leader or a high-ranking member of Team Rocket if the Pokemon universe was a real thing. I’m hoping for the latter myself, but what can I say? I always root for the baddies…and LunaLamb is a bad, bad girl.

Either way, she lives this stuff. During her most recent livestream, she discussed everything from Eveelutions to Pokemon decorations on her work desk to painting a portrait of Haunter.

Should I ever find myself on the road to Viridian City, I’d definitely want her by my side.

Self-described as: 18+ NSFW Camgirl on MFC| 20, anime nerd, professional pizza consumer, vidya game dweeb, all the fandoms, shit posting memes|


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