Submit to Saeko, the Sensuous Schoolgirl


Do you want to get schooled cosplaying Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead?

Seductive Saeko learned from a young age that no zombie or mere mortal man is in charge when she wields her weapon and delights in the pleasure that comes with pain. Long and lithe with a streaming mane of shocking blue hair, Saeko’s school uniform masks the mysteries that you yearn to solve. Her youthful body is set aflame with each kill. Her pouty pink lips are ready for lust to say nothing of the secrets under her short skirt. When Saeko attacks, get ready to rise or fall to her code of honor and know that she will always dominate even as she protects your pride. If you are ready to give in to the feel of the creamiest limbs against your thighs, take a chance on this Fujimi High School student at CosplayErotica to make your wildest dreams come true!


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