Axis Evol Fulfills Your Otherworldly Desires


Axis Evol comes today as a dream for every trekkie who ever imagined how it would be to find life in other planets. The only difference is that she appears in a sexier way with her hot space costume on that hides under it a lot of steaminess that is really out of this world.

If planet Areola truly existed, all recent discoveries on Mars would definitely lose the interest of the public as soon as scientists found the type of life forms that this planet has.

Axis Evol’s makeup is absolutely fantastic and it has that classic futuristic/alien look that will appeal to all those who have seen Sci-Fi adventures. Also, I know I have a tendency to describe eyes and lips a lot, but today I am going to go on a different direction and suggest you too focus on her legs, because: wowzers!

You can also sit back and watch as Axis Evol teams up with Sheridan Love for some otherworldly action that will have you dream heavily about space exploration as you watch them do some exploration of their own, all spicy and great in the truest BurningAngel fashion.



This Areolite certainly is in possession of some killer cleavage, which she likes to whip out while she makes a stop on Earth to survey the situation regarding the mission.. and also when she’s making Captain Sheridan squirt, because neither of them really prefer cock to their sweet alien bazongas. Pussy parties happen all the time in outer space.




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