Sallytastic Veronica Chaos


VeronicaChaos is cosplaying Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Initially, VeronicaChaos was thinking this would be an easy cosplay and an easy performance because she knows all the Nightmare songs by heart already (of course she does!) So she started bodypainting at about 6:30pm today and she just hopped online right now. Bodypaint always takes longer than expected, but how awesome does VeronicaChaos look! Also, custom yard wig, which is apparently more challenging when the yarn wig does not have bangs. I was telling VeronicaChaos that I am running a bath and trying to decide whether to stay in tonight or go out afterwards. VeronicaChaos explained that she also just took a bath for the first time in a while because she got this giant inflatable penis and then couldn’t figure out where to keep it, so it was just hanging out in the tub, like giant inflatable peni will. If you don’t leave the house tonight either, it is free to register a nick to join the live chat with VeronicaChaos.

PS Shoutout to DeadSpatula for the baller tip! VeronicaChaos deserves all good things.










Edit: Everything is more amusing with puppets:


Name: VeronicaChaos
Hi! I’m Veronica Chaos, the ventriloquist camgirl! I specialize in weird boners and everything you didn’t know you need in your life! Thanks for checking me out!

Me and this c*nt make all sorts of crazy pornos, though she calls it “art” because fucking camgirls. She’s too good for privates.

SLAPPY! I prefer to spend my time in public, hanging out with my friends and entertaining the room. Stop by and get to know us!


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