Nintend_xo Edward Scissorhands Cosplay And Pumpkin Carving


This is one of the best done costumes I’ve seen in a while, because Nintend_xo is dressed up as Edward Scissorhands, and her hugging black corset, pale makeup with scars and unruly hair, complete with scissors on her hands, make her look extraordinary.

While this costume does look equally cute and scary, it still keeps all the sensuality of Nintend_xo sharp, because she can show you lots of sexy poses and give you some upskirt views while you check out her body and full costume, notably her top, which doesn’t only consist of her corset, since it does not reach all the way up to her boobs, so she is wearing a black see-through top that covers her breasts from your eyes in one angle, and reveals them perfectly on the next.

Taking advantage of her costume and the scissors on her hands, Nintend_xo is also planning on carving a pumpkin with you, which boosts the fun factor of this already highly enjoyable show, because you know that she’ll find ways to make this activity not only engaging, but super sexy as well.




Age: 19
Location: USA – CA
Height: 5’3
Body Type: Petite
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Relationship: Single
Interested in: Men
Smoking: No
Drinking: No





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