Horns Up for Halloween Month


Wing ID Lust has been rocking the costumes this Halloween month. Today, she is a red succubus. Everyone knows goth girls make the best succubi. As Wing ID Lust does her dance (the one she says is designed to steal souls) you get to see more of her room. And Wing ID Lust has an awesome bedroom. Not only is her bed color coordinated with her hair and makeup, but she has a big Jack Skellington and happy bat and many balloons. Not sure if the balloons are left from her fabulous cammiversary celebration, but the whole atmosphere is really fun and celebratory today. Be on notice, however, Wing ID Lust will eat most fruit, but she is not down with eating vegetables. Probably because she is a bad girl. Bad girls refuse to eat their veggies.




Devil Girl WingID_Lust

Dark Beauty Waiting For You
Goth, Gothic, Dark, Model, Sexy, Tattooed, Pierced, DeathHawk, Long Nails, Slim, White, Lust, Wings, Shaved, Cute, Hot, Horny, Toys, Naughty, Anal, Bisexual, Pussy, Friendly, Small Tits, Beautiful, High Heels, Nice Ass, Smart, Funny, Young, Sweet, Fun
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