Catjira is Bambi’s Mom


I always love faun makeup. I just find it really sexy. Catjira has raised the bar on creativity for faun makeup this Halloween month. Catjira is cosplaying Bambi’s mom. You know, Bambi’s mom who got shot. I wonder how many people became vegan because of how traumatic it was for kids to see Bambi’s mother killed by the hunter, courtesy of Disney. Movie Pilot reports that Disney has a penchant for losing kids’ parents for three reasons: (1) They love to tell growing up stories and it is convenient lazy writing to have characters forced to grow up because they were orphaned and (2) Walt Disney kind of accidentally killed his own mother by buying her a house in which the furnace exploded and (3) now it is part of the Disney brand DNA to kill off mothers. Perhaps not coincidentally Catjira is a vegan. She says that restaurants where she lives and goes to school are really considerate and pleasant about making sure what she eats is in fact 100% of animal products. As you probably know, for vegans, this includes cheese, eggs, and anything even cooked in a fryer with animal grease in it. I don’t know whether all restaurants in her region are this nice to everyone, but Catjira has such a nice energy that I’m sure she inspires niceness. Bonus cool points to Catjira for doing a bunch of her bullet hole in cake decorating supplies, rather than traditional makeup.










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