Onesietastic Lilmskitten


Lilmskitten has the most beautiful fae otherworldly facial features. Tonight, she is rocking light blue hair and a big fuzzy pink animal kigurumi. She is doing bong hits and telling tales of her first lover. Who sported three inches and her mom swears stole her AC/DC CD. Lilmskitten doesn’t think her ex-boyfriend made off with Back in Black, but, in my opinion, that is a really good album, so you never know. Lilmskitten‘s down to earth kickin’ it attitude is always an entertaining juxtaposition with her unseelie court beauty.









Profile Headline: Its my hope, its my fear. Its my dream, all my tears. Its a start, its an end; then I start again.
Username: Lilmskitten
CamScore: 4826.4
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Age: 23
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
About Me:
Hi, I’m Kitten.
Wanderlust. Exhibitionist. Animal lover. Antisocial. Homebody. Dreamer.
What you get from me can vary; sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m quirky, awkward, sexy,
funny, sassy, or playful; it all depends on how I feel. I enjoy a relaxed and low-pressure room,
but sometimes it’s necessary to crack the whip. I don’t tolerate people treating me like meat.
Intelligence, being a gentleman, and allowing me to tease turns me on, not sexual comments
or demands. Be respecful, say hello, and I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.


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