Exactly T’Pol


T’Pol from Star Trek Enterprise (third season) is excellently portrayed by Quantum Destiny, a cosplayer from Canada. The attention to detail makes this an exact of the costume worn in the show. Here is information on the costume, Quantum Destiny stated:

“I patterned the jumpsuit and ordered the exact same fuchsia stretch velvet that was used for the official costume. All vertical piping had to be hand-sewed on.

The boots were originally black which I stripped the paint and then airbrushed. The belt was originally some thick ribbon from Fabricland that I doubled up and then also airbrushed to match my fabric.

Phaser and communicator are made by Art Asylum toys and have light & sound effects.

I DID shave off two thirds of my eyebrows for this, and drew in the vulcan brow… XD;

The vulcan ears were purchased from Aradani Studios (in painted colour medium)

Thanks very much to Glay who helped me fit this and get me in and out.”

This is a great cosplay.


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