For everyone who loves a first-person multiplayer shooting game — such as Counter Strike and Team Fortress — the latest game you will love is Overwatch.

Most people compare Overwatch to Team Fortress because of some similarity; however, Overwatch is a more detailed, more exciting and more detailed game compared to Team Fortress. First you’ll notice the difference with the graphics. It’s more detailed because there are scenes like the streets and cars. The scenes are also not limited where you’ll end up running around on a small location. It is a bit “wider” map or world than that of TF and your team (and the opponents’) can move around a lot and have your own strategy.

In my own experience, I don’t have a strategy because once both team clashes — it’s a party! You should only know the character you’re using since each character has their own specialty and character roles. You’ll never get tired of the characters because there is a lot to choose from and own tricks you should learn and master in order to use it effectively to your opponent.

More and more people started playing Overwatch and I can sense that Blizzard will continue to look for something to improve or upgrade in the game to make it more interesting and fun.


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