Alannah Wonderfully Erotic Cosplay


This FTV Girls video lets you see the gorgeous and super cute Alannah as she shows you a very sexy and well-done cosplay, but before she reveals who she is cosplaying as, you can see her walking and posing sexily while wearing a regular outfit and glasses, which give her an intellectual and cute look.

Alannah is more than she initially appears, as behind that every day look there lies a complete seductress, a part of her that she masterfully hints at from the start, by allowing you to see that she is not wearing any underwear by way of subtle upskirt flashes that later turn into full views for you to feast your eyes upon.

Then, slowly but surely she starts putting on the outfit that she is going to continue seducing you with: a Wonder Woman costume, which looks very good on her, especially because the flashes continue, this time letting you see her beautiful breasts, as well as many other very erotic things like cartwheels where the upskirt shots continue, and even a few images where she plays with the boobs of one of her friends. All before taking off the whole outfit, putting on a pair of pink panties, and finishing this wonderful set with some topless goodness, which make this set really great because it is like many of them wrapped up into one gallery full of creative and nerdy hot stuff.

The video that comes along with these images further increases the goodness by letting you see more of the sensual Alannah, complete with a brief, but very nice sendoff from the model herself addressed directly to you.



Videographer/Photographer’s Comments
Wonder Woman
To make a long story short, there’s a girl I’ve been shooting for a 2013 update, and the update has become a rather large ‘Adventure Shoot’. When I saw here in glasses, and her hair tied back in a pony tail, she very much reminded me of the Wonder Woman alter ego Diana Prince. She happened to have a Wonder Woman costume, so I had her bring it in for the shoot. Whether you know or not, most of what I shoot today, ends up appearing 5-6 months later, so that is why her main update appears in 2013. Its also why you might see a girl as a total first timer on FTV, but when she appears here, she may have already appeared on other sites. In this girls’ case, she is a total first timer, with absolutely no adult experience, but by the time the main update appears in February 2013, she should be on other softcore sites. Anyway, since we shot so much, I thought it best to make this portion the Halloween update. She’s supercute, with beautfiul eyes, long sexy legs… so we shoot her in a ‘secretary style outfit first’, and in a very public place (a tourist arts/crafts area). We get away with some upskirt views, and watch her ‘transformation’ into Wonder Woman. Flashing away, no panties, she does some cartwheels, climbs a tree, spreads and fingers herself. A very enthusiastic girl, she is one of my favorites so far for 2013.





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