Luigi Anime Annie Makes Me Hungry


Anime Annie is making me hungry and not for Mario Bros mushrooms. She does look quite fetching in her Luigi cosplay, but she is talking about all her favorite protein foods. Get your minds out of the gutter! I mean that she is saying that bacon is her favorite meat and rib eye with bacon on top would be divine to her. She says that generally the only things she will eat from the sea are coconut breaded shrimp, popcorn shrimp, and bacon-wrapped scallops. I think bacon-wrapped scallops are basically bacon and she might want to try shrimp fried in bacon fat. So, yeah, I’m totally hungry now. To counter this variety of drool, Anime Annie just pulled a Would You Rather card where the question is whether you would prefer eating a pail of apple stems or a dozen banana peels. I think the consensus is a preference for banana peels, but I liked the part where she talked about breaking all her rules in Jamaica and just eating fresh fish of the day. It is free to register a profile tonight to discuss breaking the rules with Anime Annie.





Profile Headline: PornStar Violet Marcell, turned cosplayer and cam girl!
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