HyruleFairy breaks out the big d!

Dice, that is. I haven’t covered Hyrule Fairy in a long time. It’s great to be back in her room. I rather missed the black light shows with everything sparkling and coming out like a cool dance club. Right now there is mischief afoot in the land of Hyrule. Someone, after dropping quite a tip bomb, has ordered HyruleFairy mute. Which one of her fair companions will have the power to set her free (or at least get her to a level for a muted orgasm show!). This twist in the plot is a bit of a fun thing to watch unfold. I have to admit that I am a bit curious how a silent O show will go. I imagine it will be one for the books.

One parting comment before I get back into the room. I have to say I really love her bracelets and necklace (not to mention the flowers in her hair). Sometimes, it is the little things that can really set a mood and those do wonders.






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