Paainfully’s Stunning Daenerys Targaryen Game of ThronesCosplay


Complete with a plastic dragon figurine, Paainfully’s cosplay offers all the best features of Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen: her stoic strength, her long, pale curly hair, and her simple yet sophisticated wardrobe. The dress and armbands are certainly befitting of a princess, and the flowy fabric looks like it’s conducive to good mobility in outdoor environments (where much of Game of Thrones takes place). Great costuming and makeup aside, Paainfully also does a great job conveying Daenerys’ disposition through pose and expression, giving this cosplay an overall regal vibe.


Waiting on my season 3 getup to come in the mail is agonizing, so you guys probably won’t see that one until the con. But yes I’m doing it on purpose this time.
Edit: forgot to point out this is a WIP. A dear friend is letting me borrow her dragon egg prop and dany’s dragon pin, and I have arm cuffs en route to me.


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