Happy Birthday, Nekolukka!


One of my favorite things to think about is how technology can change society. This is pretty much the fundamental question of most science fiction. Nekolukka is a shy online broadcaster who identifies as gray asexual. This means that her sexuality is primarily not connected to physically interacting with or watching other people. Once upon a time, that might have been very inconvenient for a twenty-year-old woman who had never even been kissed. In the modern world of the internet, however, Nekolukka‘s popular broadcasts have more than a hundred thousand followers and she can literally share with thousands of people, without ever having to do anything she does not want to. Today is Nekolukka‘s birthday and she is opening all sorts of presents. I especially love the scary kawaii black mask she got, but the people in room who follow her know her tastes and she got tons of cool stuff so far. Happy birthday, Nekolukka!









Nekolukka’s Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name: Neko
Followers: 114453
Birth Date: May 16, 1996
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Trans
Location: Arizona, United States
I am a shy little girl submissive who loves positive attention.

I’m also a gray-asexual. I can’t get off from watching random people touch themselves and I’m rarely able to cum naturally in general.

If you want to chat with me, I prefer if you DM me on twitter đŸ˜€ . I may be busy at the moment, so please don’t spam my phone. I’ll respond eventually.

And also, CB is a hobby of mine x3 . I enjoy talking to you guys as well as playing for you. Seeing you tip makes me smile because it shows how much you appreciate me and enjoyed my performance.


Do you do private shows?
Nah, they’re boring. I only do public shows.

Do you view cams?
I don’t view cams during the stream. If you ask, you will be silenced or kicked, depening on who gets to you first.

I only read and/or reply to PM’s when the chat slows down. I will most likely read your PM’s to the whole room so might as well speak to me like a normal person.

Shy girls don’t show their bodies to others.
Just because I’m comfortable with showing my body to a camera, doesn’t mean I’m not shy in person.

Do you like anal?
Yes. Only when I’m in the mood.

Are you Asian?
I am part Chinese, Filipino, and Hawaiian with a trace of European descent. Born and live in the US.

Anything referring to me having sex orally, vaginally, and anally.
I never had sex before. I never gave a blowjob to another person before. And I never had anyone finger me or go down on me. Hell, I never even kissed anyone yet.

What is asexuality?
Asexuality is when you’re not sexually attracted to anyone (that lustful feeling you get when you see a person that appeals to your sexual interests). I myself am a gray-asexual, meaning I rarely experience sexual attraction under specific circumstances. I am capable of those feelings, but in general, I have no interest in having sex.

You’re not asexual. You just haven’t found the right person yet / But you masturbate / But you watch hentai !!
Fuck off.


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