The Curse of Sleeping Beauty


It’s actually nice that after the movie, Maleficent, we are able to see it through the antagonist’s eyes why they became who they are. The fairy tales that were told to us when we were young had evolved as time goes by. This May 13, 2016, it will be release date of The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, which is based on the Grimm Brothers’ tale.

When I saw the trailer, I was wondering how freaky or crazy this movie is, which I love of course. It’s somewhat a mix of horror, adventure, romance — maybe, and horror. The graphics are good, the story line is good, I also love how mysterious it is, and will probably watch this movie myself.

It’s just sad how very poor this movie was publicized. Or maybe it was not publicity but the public still wants the happily ever after type of movie. I can say that this one is something to watch out for. Imagine Sleeping Beauty meets Silent Hill. This movie is really awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens after the “true love’s kiss”.

Sadly, it will only be a limited release date but maybe if the movie goes well, it will be released internationally.

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is directed by Pearry Reginald Teo (screenwriters are Pearry Teo and Josh Nadler) starring Ethan Peck as Thomas, India Eisley as Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose and Anna Harr as the young Briar Rose.


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