Why go for princesses when you can go for wild ones


Let’s get wild, let’s get wild! Code Geass one of the greatest anime of all time is composed of Kings, Princesses, Princes, Royalties, Bloodlines, Geass and Robots. And I know it hit you when you heard the word Royalties and Robot which really sounds wrong but anyway I know many Code Geass dreamed of being the boyfriend of one of those Princesses in the anime, since, obviously, they are sexy, elegant has big racks. But why go mainstream when you can be unique and wild by going with Karen! That hot chick who can really fight using a knightmare.

733ee2fd437f46e9d23a8f0beaf16a3f-d8my2qeKaren Kozuki is one of the two female tritagonists featured in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. She is officially known as Kallen Stadtfeld, and goes by this name at school, but prefers her mother’s maiden Japanese name during her revolutionary activities. Kallen’s most distinguishing feature is her bright red hair and blue eyes. In school she would have her hair combed down with her school uniform, but when fighting or in her own privacy, she would have her hair spiked up (It’s super Saiyan man!) Kallen has been shown to have a rebellious personality as she is strong-willed, short tempered, impulsive, forceful and quite feisty. I told you she was wild.

Now our cosplayer for today is one of Milligan Vick‘s model, Maria K. Milligan is a professional photographer, make up artist, graphic artist who knows a lot of model or cosplayers who she can collaborate with either making a costumer with or for her and doing the photoshoot and lightroom editing. See for yourself the expression, the costume, the hair, the body feature of the model really matches the character. For all I can say this is one of Milligan Vick’s masterpiece. View more of Milligan Vick’s work at her website and don’t forget to follow her twitter.

I know you’ve been expecting an action packed cosplay but I’m sorry to disappoint your butts but we’re getting a sexy bunny Karen cosplay for today fellas! Well since Karen most probably wouldn’t even a wear bunny outfit except one time when she really needed to wear it, I would just talk about the face and how she portrayed this Karen and I will say again this is freakin wild! Both the cosplayer and the cosplayed! Heck this is like a dream come true I NEVER have even thought of Karen wearing a bunny outfit in Real Life and doing this sexy and naughty stuff in the pictures but hell THANK YOU MILLIGAN VICK.


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