Maleficent Genderbend by Hakudoushi Cosplay


“No power on earth can change it.” Maleficent (Disney)

Hakudoushi’s Maleficent Cosplay will blow your mind! This is probably one of the most elegant Genderbend I have ever seen! Breathtaking!

This is really, really good work, man! Those horns, costume, hair, eyes, your facial expression…

Well, well. Quite a glittering assemblage of awesomeness you have.

Maleficent got hot, that’s for sure! Angelina, sorry.

If you want to see the other stunning Hakudoushi Cosplay’s visit his Facebook, Worldcosplay and Twitter page and enjoy in amazing pictures.

Photos were taken by Marcella Fava Nerd Photographer – Studio Fotografico.


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