Heartseeker Ashe by Tasha Cosplay


Tasha is a known name in the worldwide cosplay community and rightfully so — no one can deny she’s a veteran in this hobby, and her work is never less than incredible!

This post is dedicated to her Heartseeker Ashe cosplay, a costume first shown February 2014. Fits Valentine’s Day theme nicely. But with Heartseeker Ashe, we can prolong celebrations as much as we want!

Tasha definitely gives the character a sexy, royal vibe — exactly what Ashe is supposed to be. The costume is so detailed I can’t pick a favourite piece, but the wig is just so romantically styled and beautiful (those of you who know the pain of styling wigs will definitely feel the same appreciation!)…

She could hit me with an arrow anyday of the week!

Photos taken by Sinme. If you’d like to see more from the cosplayer, check out her page.


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