Games with Sierra Summer


Sierra Summer is playing a variety of games today. Not with her giant dice and her cute Batman tube top is not part of the game. Among other things, she is pulling Never Have I Ever cards with questions like whether she has ever told someone they looked bad in an outfit they looked good in or whether she has lived in her parents’ basement or whether she has ever had molly (as in MDMA, not as in molly case.) I’ve always thought a game of I Never was an interesting way to get insights into other people and having the cards suggest the questions keeps it on track, so you don’t have questions like whether someone has ever played I Never on a sofa with big dice, a cute stuffed koala, giant playing cards, and a Hitachi or other tailored questions. This is making for interesting conversation. It is free to stop by and register to play I Never with Sierra Summer now.






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Username: Sierra_Winter
CamScore: 5218
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
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