April Flores dreams of a White Christmas


BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black bring April Flores to life in this very special White Christmas shoot. This is one of the classic Blue Blood shoots where there are quite a lot of photos and all of them high quality. The posing starts out innocent. Flores is in her cute shoes (pictured, of course) and gloves. She’s having fun next to a Christmas tree. It’s the sort of scene that you might think about when you think of good old fashioned Christmas fun.

Then the rest of the shoot turns naughty. How naughty? Let’s just say the candy cane was used for other places than just being sucked with her lips. When April Flores does kinky, she does kinky. She is also one of the best models I’ve seen using the candy cane as a prop. The way she caresses it flirts between PG 13 and a hard R. It’s great to see such a flirt range in one model. Some of the best pictures of her involve the candy cane, and I get to show you one (of the many). If you like any of these safe for work poses, you’re going to love what’s under the Christmas tree this year.

Featured Model: April Flores
We currently live in an age where access to images of beautiful women is merely one click away at any given time. Our magazine stands have had to make room for the onslaught of new, sexy publications and our base of photographers has opened its borders to include a new army of camera-wielding aspirants who want to capture provocative imagery of their friend, wife, or girl-next-door. Girls who never thought they could include modeling in their repertoire of experience, because of their non-mainstream attributes are now finding homes for their various arrays of height and weight, bold hair colors and body modifications. And while all of that, in essence, is what art is about? expansion and transcendence of societal norms mingling with divine aesthetic presentation and superior artistic skill, this recent complete saturation of the market makes finding something truly outstanding a rarity? Like finding that proverbial needle within the haystack. Discovering a treasure that rises above being easily categorized, that breaks apart from the world it was created in, and itself becomes a muse and an aspirant, creating its own universe. April is that rare, exploding glorious and exciting gem.
–Carlos Batts


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