Wing SAW Cosplay


Wing ID Lust says that she likes movies which surprise her and she could not have anticipated what the ending was of the first SAW movie, so that makes it a personal favorite for her. Last October, Wing ID Lust worked at a Halloween pop-up store during the day and then wore the same outfit at night live broadcasting. I thought that was a very amusing thing to do, but Wing ID Lust says it was a bit too much, so this year she decided to get some sleep during Halloweentober and just do the nightly live broadcasts. This weekend, she is going to visit Vampette for more Halloween festivities streamed like to your home. It is free tonight to sign up to chat with both gothic beauties and add all your Halloween babes to your friendslist, so you can easily find them when they are broadcasting live.







Dark Beauty Waiting For You
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FireNymph AnnaMolli Kota_Morgue Morella DDJessica TattedB WingID_Lust Catchild Kittie_Addams Kittenympho Miss_Syn M30wkat


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