Syndra, the Dark Sovereign by Tasha Cosplay


Here’s another awesome League of Legends cosplay for all you online gamers out there. Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, is portrayed by the famous Tasha of the legendary Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats. Tasha is definitely the most well-recognized in the team, with epic cosplays such as Alexstrasza (World of Warcraft) and Kerrigan (Starcraft II) having been featured in known online circles.

It’s no surprise to see her pulling off another remarkable cosplay with Syndra this time. For the uninitiated, Syndra, in League of Legends, is your archetypical power-obsessed megalomaniac who’s out to ruin everyone’s day with her magic and mischief. Tasha definitely captures that in spades. She’s always had a sexy figure, and a great rack, so she’s very well-suited for cosplays of this nature. Hubba hubba!

Ahem. As with her other cosplays, I’m always impressed with the detailed intricacies of Tasha’s costume work. Their usual camera job, and photo editing, are phenomenal as well. The Spiral Cats are really at the pinnacle of professional-caliber cosplay, and there’s no doubt that Tasha is their cornerstone model.

You can see more of the lovely Tasha’s cosplays over at the main Spiral Cats website.

She also maintains a regularly updated Facebook page and a DeviantArt page where she posts all of her cosplay work.

Head on over to the official League of Legends website to download the latest game client for your region.

Tasha's Syndra Cosplay
Tasha's Syndra Cosplay
Tasha's Syndra Cosplay
Syndra in League of Legends


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