Joker Grease


Earlier tonight, someone asked Serafina if she is cosplaying the fun Joker or the blow up the hospital Joker. I think that is all a matter of perspective and a proper crazy person ought to be able to discern the humor and fun in blowing up a hospital, but I digress. Dressed as the Joker, Serafina is dancing to and singing along with the Grease soundtrack right now. A bit different from her more common Marilyn Manson fare, but Serafina says Grease is the best movie ever. It is definitely up there for me too. Anyway, Serafina dancing to Summer Nights is my happy dose of internet wtf for the evening.






Username: Serafina
CamScore: 7316
Gender: Female
Weight: 10001 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 91
City: Punta del Diablo
Country: Uruguay
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Favorite Food: BBQ’d BBZ
Pets: Sandy & Maya
Tags: Fat Ass Tiny Waist Pretty Face, Basketcase, Fabulously Fantabulous, 55378008, Eat Me


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