Cleo’s Doggie Dubious Of Slave Leia


It’s Cleo has the most wonderful big friendly dogs. With her super fit body, It’s Cleo looks amazing in a Slave Leia bikini and it is only appropriate she be wielding a light saber. At least one of her doggies, however, is quite adorably dubious about the light saber and the noise it makes when activated. It’s Cleo is running a vote this month for whether or not the bottom of her Slave Leia bikini should be hiding bush or not. So far, it looks like shaving in November is going to win, but bush could still rally before the end of October. Tonight, It’s Cleo is planning on making sweet sweet love to a light saber. It is free to register tonight, so you can weigh in on whether It’s Cleo should use a blue light saber or a red light sabre. The woman is very democratic, always giving her legion of viewers and friends the opportunity to share their choices. Ooh! Someone just made a suggestions for double penetration. It looks like it may not be necessary to choose between blue and red light sabers, as it is possible to have it all!








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